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Are You a H.E.N.R.Y.?

Are You a H.E.N.R.Y.?

July 30, 2021

Allow me to introduce James, who is somewhere between 28 to 35, making bank at a good job and living what most of us consider to be “the good life”. He’s able to go out to the local watering hole or eat out whenever he wants, works out somewhere outside his home, and is able to take one or two nice trips away from work each year. No worries, right??

Or what about Bailey, female recent college grad working at a job she somewhat enjoys and pays well, but maybe isn’t in her chosen field or her dream job, but she’s “making it” on her own, able to hang out with friends where and how she likes, and she too, can take a couple of fun trips each year. She’s “livin’ large and havin’ fun”, correct?

But underneath the good time Insta posts, there’s a facet of their life that they are either afraid, unsure, or unwilling to confront. That wanting to own their own home, start a family, find their dream job and build a strong financial foundation upon which to build their future, seems unreachable because student loan or other debt and living costs keeps their ability to accumulate savings just out of reach.

Being a H.E.N.R.Y (High Earner, Not Rich Yet) has less to do with earning a high income, but more about that feeling deep inside that you could or SHOULD be doing more; more planning and preparing with more purpose if you only knew how. You have the potential do well, but have no idea how to break the cycle of earn/spend/rinse/repeat.

There is a way to break the cycle and forge a path to move forward in building financial wealth. On-line brokerage firms have fun, interactive websites, low costs, and maybe even an on-line community. What they don’t have is personalized guidance outside of pure investment advice that can help you understand exactly where your processes break down and can be improved to move you forward toward your actual goals. Nor can they adequately build not just financial confidence, but also financial COMPETENCE so that you can make day-to-day financial decisions that serve your higher goals while feeling good in the moment.

So how do you get off the hamster wheel and onto the financial independence super-highway? I can show you how personalized, consistent, judgement-free financial guidance can put you on the path toward achieving your dreams. Contact me today for a no-fee, no-obligation conversation to find your personal path toward financial freedom.